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Lashing Kits
Lashing Kits

Lashing Kits


Are customized Elva Beauty Lash kit is for starting technicians or existing ones that would like to re-up on the absolute best products. In this kit, you will find the very products that we live by here at Elva Beauty and everything that we give our students as well in our training courses.

Kit includes:

  • Straight classic tweezer (1)
  • Curved classic tweezer (1)
  • Kitty fan (1)
  • Nexcare tape (1)
  • Spoolies (50pk)
  • Glue rings (100pk)
  • Lash bath and brush (1)
  • Adhesive wipes (1box)
  • Unicorn adhesive (1)
  • Cream remover (1)
  • Marble slab (1)
  • Volume Lashes (0)
  • Classic Lashes (0)

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