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Lash Bath & Brush (60ml)
Lash Bath & Brush (60ml)

Lash Bath & Brush (60ml)


Our very own Elva Beauty lash bath is essential we all know how important it is to keep our babies clean. With this foam bath, your client's lashes will be kept top-notch the entirety of there stay! Having a lash bath a few times a week or daily will assist in the retention of the lashes along with keeping away the dirt and build-up that starts to form along the lash line.

To apply the lash bath with ease we also provide a customized brush, you will pump the solution and apply to the lash line in small circles to remove all the bacteria. You will want to make sure you have removed all the lash bath solution from the eye with water and then dry with our blade less fan and brush with a spoolie until dry! Then you are ready to start your service or continue with your day.

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