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Body Packages

On all our body packages include a beautiful scrub to unclog the pours and prevent common problems such as ingrown hairs, flakes, uneven skin tone and body acne. Following the treatment we apply our organic firming clay mask, this hydrating mask deeply nourishes the skin as it smooths and conditions the body. Organic ingredients such as essential oils and herbal extracts are blended with rare and exotic argon oil from Morocco to create the perfect mask.

The Slim Thick Package

In this package we focus on shrinking and eliminating the fat cells in your body around your waist, hips, upper thighs, and booty. Through radio frequency heat energy and cavitation lipo we melt away inches, tone and tighten the skin. We then proceed to different vacuums to reshape and lift the skin and appearance. We seal this process with an organic scrub to increase circulation and blood flow and unclog pours.

1.5 Hours $150
5 Sessions $650

The Booty Package

In this package we focus on toning the booty and firming the skin through our radio frequency therapy and with the use of suction cups with negative pressure to mobilize fat cells to a more desirable area, giving the area a fuller, rounder look. Booty Plumping can be done to either the hips or the bum.

1.5 Hours $120
5 Sessions $525

The Cellulite Package

In this package we focus on diminishing the visibility of cellulite and improving the firmness and appearance of the booty and thighs. We focus on lifting the bum and enhancing its circumference through vacuum therapy. With a mix of radio frequency and vacuum therapy we target cellulite appearance. We also focus on correcting hip dips and reshaping the area to give you a non invasive lift.

1.5 Hours $120
5 Sessions $525

The Snatched Package

Focuses on decreasing the circumference of the area being treated while toning and firming the skin. Through laser energy we are able to shrink and penetrate the fat cells causing them to be displayed through the lymphatic system. We also focus on the appearance and circulation of the area

1.5 Hours $120
5 Sessions $525

The What Chin? Jawline and Facial Contouring Package

Through radio frequency heat energy and vacuum therapy are used to give your face a lift and get rid of the stubborn fat that sits under the chin. We can also restore certain grades of loose skin on the neck. This facial is also recommended as a preventative measure to promote collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

45 Minutes $85
5 Sessions $375

The Body Builder Package

Through EMS Muscle Sculpting we target your focus areas on your body. By Applying Ems we help you build muscle & tone faster, we then apply radio frequency to tighten the skin, diminish dimpling and reduces any signs of stretch marks. Finally we insert you into an infrared therapy sauna bag to detox & burn fat.

1.5 Hours $120
5 Sessions $525

The Perky Package

Through breast cupping we massage and stimulate the tissue in order to enlarge and lift the area. This is very versatile and can be used on the breast tissue to stimulate collagen, improve skin texture and tone and to increase blood flow to the breast which in turn may offer the plumping effect or fuller looking breasts. We also use radio frequency to tighten the skin & dimities stretch marks to give you a more youthful appearance. As well as Laser Lip under your breast to help break down and fat underneath the breasts.

1.5 Hours $120
5 Sessions $525

The Booty Facial

This is ideal for clients with discoloration, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, acne, rough skin, large pores & more. In this service we do a full microdermabrasion service with an exfoliation, cleanse and enzyme peel. We finish it off with an organic Clay Mask to firm & brighten.

1 Hour $100

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