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About Us

At Elva Beauty all our staff is highly trained with years of experience and each hold multiple certifications in their profession. Although we specialize in Eyelash Extensions providing the best quality service and products we also offer a range of other services in which the staff are extremely experienced and qualified in. Our services range from Lashes to Teeth Whitening to Body Sculpting and Permanent Makeup we are basically your one stop shop! Elva Beauty is also a strong supporter of local women owned businesses not only are we industry leaders but we also strive to help other achieve their goals and become successful as well.

Our Beauty Family stands for positivity and unity, we love supporting up coming beauticians and strive for the advancement of Hamilton. We organize a yearly charity event in support of local charities and local boss babes across southern Ontario called Boss Babe.

Our Promise

During every appointment at Elva Beauty we strive to give you the best quality and desired results. Although sometimes results vary depending on the conditions of each client we understand that sometimes things happen out of the control of both parties. Our promise to our clients is that if you are ever left unsatisfied in any way to please contact us directly by email or call anyone of our locations and ask to speak to a manager, explaining your situation and we will do our best to rectify your experience.


Academy & Educators

Elva Beauty Academy & Beauty Bar is an insured, accredited and experienced academy. Servicing over 2000 students with valued certificates and on going support with our Elva Beauty Membership given to every student after training, this will ensure you will have the best training and never hit a road block with constant access to advice from your professional and certified educators. Every teacher at Elva Beauty has gone through extensive training through our company before teaching any students and every teacher specializes in the field they teach to ensure maximum knowledge and experience. Some of our courses such as Teeth Whitening were also taught to our teachers by dental professionals making our training state of the art and extremely safe. When choosing our academy you also have the chance to talk to Elva or any of our Educators just by calling us and requesting it, this gives you the chance to ask all your questions and really understand your options prior to making a choice. At Elva Beauty we really believe in quality over quantity so our training is always thorough and in-depth while providing detailed manuals and hands on experience.


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